The Floral Temple
The Floral Temple
Madeline Astraia

Welcome to The Floral Temple

Root back into sacred remembrance

About The Floral Temple

We are the Healers, Medicine Women, Priestesses, Change Makers, The Wisdom Keepers of the Rose, awakening, embodying & remembering the magick & mystery living within..

Together we are the Healers Of The Rose.

The Floral Temple is a Free Sisterhood, Community, & Temple space designed to reconnect you back to yourself through the wisdom of circle, flowers, earth, & plants. 

The Floral Temple is a space to go deeper into the wisdom of Flower Essences, receive teachings more in depth about a specific Flower Essence of the month, give you options to work with Single Essences if you choose & gather in circle with me for our Free Monthly Live Floral Temple Events! 

My intention is to give you a pathway of new tools- should you choose to say yes-  to build connection, to have a space to expand, share, witness each other, & dream. This isn't a “have to” space- but an "if you're called to" space where we can co create together. 

You will get video teachings on the Flower Essence of the month, access to register for the live event call, & the ability to gather with women in the area around you on + offline

It is now time to gather, to find your center in an ever changing world, step into your purpose, remember, & reclaim your rose heart within Gaia! This is your space to be held, explore the Floral Realms, fill your cup + begin to open new pathways of your gifts, so you can step boldly into your next level of service, deepen into your core truth of who you are & came here to be!

If you desire to deepen in your journey join our free circle & check out the website + grab your additional free resources below!


With love,

Madeline Astraia